Benoaks Devon cattle breeders, Glencoe, NSW, Australia

Established in 1964, Benoak Devon Stud continues the tradition of breeding exceptional Devon Cattle

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Paul, Loma, Greg & Joanne are the principals of the “Benoak Devon Stud” It was established in 1964 by Loma’s father Dave. B. Smith and his brother Lionel. L. Smith. In the years leading up to the stud’s establishment, the Smith family bred Devons & Dave had a predominately Devon bullock team to clear country at Dave & his wife Ena’s (Loma’s mother) property until the introduction of machinery.

Benoak Devon Stud is located 22km SSW of the Celtic town Glen Innes, in the Northern New England Tablelands of New South Wales. Our country goes to 1385m above sea level (1106m at house) with a 900ml average rainfall & temperature ranges from 38 down to minus 18 degrees Celsius. Soil type ranges from heavy basalt to granite with a mixture of improved & natural pastures.

Bulls are sold at our “Open Day” in conjunction with The Land newspapers’ “Beef Week” in June annually. Ten to Sixteen bulls are normally offered as well as stud & commercial females. Benoak has a solid reputation for bulls that work hard long lives & don’t break down due to incorrect feeding or conformation faults.

We are currently running 80 registered Devon females, 200 pure commercial Devon females & 100 South Devon / Devon cross females. We keep cows around us of a medium to medium - large frame. In winter huge amounts of energy are used just to keep warm & large frame cattle do it tough. Cows must maintain condition whilst rearing marketable calves, this is our way of selecting for easy doing, feed efficient cattle. Calving ease is recorded at birth, any heifers that need assistance or have undesirable udder & teat structure go direct to the abattoir. Mothering & milking ability are essential as we haven’t got the time or the patience to be making sure cows & calves are playing happy families!!! Our cows carry the genetic makeup that allows them & their offspring to perform in today’s environment & market place.

We are also breeding South Devon / Devon Bulls for those clients who are interested in crossbreeding within their herd. The two breeds cross well combining similar traits in a handy package. The percentages range from 50% Devon/ 50% South Devon to 25% Devon/75% South Devon. Noleggio

Devon cattle have the proven ability to be the perfect animal for our industry. Their constitution & fertility is never questioned, their ability to finish on grass with a carcass that has even fat cover, high meat quality & obtains top dollars is highly regarded by producers, finishers and processors alike.


Benoak Devons Bull

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